Meet the team behind Aspirations Private Gym Hire.

Dave Jones & John Burgess

Dave and John became friends many years ago and sharing their love for training and fitness they have trained together 3-4 times a week for the past 6 years. They often spoke about offering people something different and more importantly what they really want! John's background is in IT so this combined with Dave's fitness knowledge having run his own personal training gym for the past 8 years, a private gym with an automated online booking system was the perfect solution.

Aspirations Private Gym Hire offers people the ability to train and exercise in a more comfortable, enjoyable environment by removing peoples dislikes with regards to visiting a standard gym such as intimidation, feeling out of place, queuing to use equipment, monthly fees and the biggest one of all self or body consciousness.

With Aspirations Private Gym Hire the individual who hires the gym will be in total control of who is in the gym with them. They may choose to invite, friends, work colleagues, family to train with them or just enjoy a solo training session in private.

"We hope this offers 'normal' everyday people the opportunity to enjoy better health, fitness and subsequently a happier, longer life"